We are a Scottish based but World wise mens cashmere knitwear workroom, our aim is simple: to provide only the very best, luxury Scottish cashmere knitwear for today’s man. We look at trends, colours, shapes, the season, use and of course beauty, then we design and create limited edition men's cashmere jumpers in small runs of between 20 - 100.  Once they have gone they have gone forever! 

Each of our men's cashmere jumpers are crafted in our Scottish workrooms using age old traditional artisanal methods, using only very finest, luxury Scottish cashmere fibres and yarns so that when combined with The Tailor Retailored's modern styling give true luxury for the now.


Scotland, has for centuries been the worldwide centre of tradition and excellence for the design and manufacture of a range of men's cashmere knitwear and cashmere garments. In short Scottish Cashmere is still the best, and the quality simply cannot be compared to cashmere mass-produced.

Scotland was the country that learned how to first card cashmere in the early 1800s. Heritage is inextricably linked to Scottish cashmere. We know the exact quality and composition of cashmere yarn, we know its from only the finest, longest and best fibres from the goat.  Contrary to mass produced cashmere garments, our men's cashmere jumpers, men's cashmere knitwear and sweaters take more than thirty processes to make, unique to the Scottish way.


Headed up by John MacEwan and Richard Olive, The Tailor Retailored draw on the teams fashion, marketing, design and cashmere production experience to bring a fresh, modern and seasonal relevance to men’s cashmere knitwear.  The pair have previously worked and designed for international brands such as Kenzo, Lagerfeld, Balenciaga and Scottish cashmere womenswear brand Belinda Robertson. 

Over the years Olive has offered knitwear design input to retail brands and other labels including Michael Kors, Apostrophe, Eskander and Marcus Lupfer.  While MacEwan has developed fashion strategies for some of the UK’s largest retail developers including Grosvenor Estates, Hamerson and Saudi’s King Faisal Foundation.  The pair are supported by a small dedicated team of artisans. 


Our family ancestor and brand heritor, Thomas Carlyle, in his enduring and influential work Sartor Resartus (The title means, literally, “the Tailor Retailored") provoked much thought on man’s relationship with clothes as a philosophy for life!

We look to today’s man -  his needs, his style, his psyche and his beliefs as our starting point. So just as Carlyle’s work inspired the likes of Forster, Browning and Tennyson we hope too to inspire, through our sweaters, in some small way.

Tailor Retailored Man Goats