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When British Army Major General James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, led his men into battle during the Crimean war, I doubt he envisaged a garment bearing his name worn by every man from the age of five to 95. 

The cardigan has come a long way since the 1850’s it's managed to surpass the term ‘trend’ and enter the wonderful world of the ‘staple’, becoming an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. A go to piece for  winter and summer wardrobes it transcends not only the seasons but the boundaries of both smart and casual. This dual ethos means the cardigan can be worn with a suit and tie but can look just as stylish worn with either a smart polo shirt or a plain t-shirt.  




Royalty, aristocrats, dictators have long embroidered their initials and symbols on their clothing- the fleur de lys, Prince of Wales feathers, Napoleonic bees, but when college students started to initial their shirts to avoid confusion at the laundry the monogram entered the lexicon of prep. 

While some may find this a little flash, here at the Tailor Retailored we think that a little personalisation is one of the few ways a man can make a sweater truly his own. 

Our customisation service is available in store at our Edinburgh 2015 Pop Up and online at 



Sweaters & Shorts

Sweaters and Shorts

The enduring and beloved Ivy League down time style of the Kennedy clan is as modern and seductive today as when it was first photographed on the family holidaying in Hyannis Port. Pharrell Williams takes a dressier preppy approach, often pairing shorts and cashmere cardigans with shirts and ties. 

Late summer boating requires the practicality of deck shoes, the ease of well loved Bermuda shorts and the cosy elegance of a cashmere crew neck.

Here at The Tailor Retailored we're advising the perfect outfit for low key glamour at an end of summer cocktail party is a pair of trim white shorts, our Eoin crew neck in Navy and naturally - a tan! 



The Science of Cashmere

Herd of kashmir (pashmina) goats from Indian highland farm in La


Your skin is a sensitive organ, the first part of our body to drop clues that we should be treating it with more care.

Skin reacts to what we wear against it; a coarse sheep’s wool jumper can bring on that uncomfortable itch as you pull it over your head. Unlike wool, cashmere offers a scratch-free experience. Thanks to its super-fine fibre density, cashmere lacks the rough, scratchy texture associated with wool.


Cashmere is celebrated for its superb insulation, outperforming wool by far. In fact, The Tailor Retailored cashmere yarn is up to eight times warmer than regular sheep’s wool.

Cashmere’s ability to retain such high levels of body warmth is due to the unique structure of its fibres. Cashmere fibre’s very fine structure enable it to trap more of air particles, which in turn heat up to provide superb insulation That’s why the Cashmere goat isn't phased by their habitat’s extreme temperature fluctuations from day to night!


Quality cashmere has the added benefit of not shrinking when washed, unlike a lot of sheep’s wool. Provided you follow the correct washing instructions cashmere will retain its shape better than other types of wool.