Why Is Cashmere more expensive than other kinds of wool?  - It all comes down to the goats.

 For the uninitiated: cashmere is the finest textile fibre on the planet. Thanks to Capra hircus laniger (cashmere goat) we are warmer and softer all winter long. Cashmere goats are raised over central Asia but don’t let their rough-looking, shaggy styling fool you - it’s the downy, short hair close to the skin that makes for fine cashmere. Nineteen microns is where cashmere becomes cashmere. Anything more should be ignored and doesn't warrant investment.

But the lesson doesn't end with fibre thickness! The fineness of a cashmere item comes downs to process (up to 30 in our case) - the collection of the raw fibre, the spinning of the yarn, the knitting and construction  and finally the finishing all affects the look, feel, and touch of the garment.

Rest assured that our sweaters are top of the mountain on all these aspects...